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How the connection HackenProof -> Discord works
How the connection HackenProof -> Discord works

Get notifications about new reports, report status, and report severity changes in Discord

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How the connection HackenProof -> Discord works

This guide explains how our discord bot can help companies when they run a bounty program at HackenProof.

As you know, HackenProof uses a ticket-based system that has different stages of reports processing.

Once you connect your bug bounty program to your Discord server, the bot will send notifications about the following:

  • new reports (that includes the Program name, Report title, Report severity, and Report URL)

  • report status changes

  • report severity changes

Note! The discord bot will not re-send messages when changes happen. The bot will change the previous message that is related to a specific report.

Good to know

  1. If a company has a few programs, and you want to connect all of them to your discord server, then you need to set up the integration for each program.

  2. You can use different discord channels for different programs.

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