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Replenish your account balance
Replenish your account balance

This guide shows on how to replenish your company account balance at HackenProof

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According to the rules of the HackenProof platform, the company has to replenish its account (deposit) in order to pay hackers for the valid bugs on time.

Note! If you pay for Triage services monthly then we will charge money from your deposit as well. 

How much should I deposit?

Case #1: 3 000 USDT

  • If you TRIAGE reports BY YOURSELF, then the minimum deposit to pay hackers can be 3000 USDT (recommended 5 000 USDT)

  • If you have purchased an annual subscription for Triage and previously ALREADY paid it, and now you just replenish your account to pay hackers, then the minimum deposit can be 3000 USDT (recommended 5 000 USDT)

Case #2: 5 000 USDT

  • If you have purchased a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for Triage, then the minimum deposit should be 5000 USDT (recommended 10 000 USDT) - some money will be taken to pay hackers, and some will be charged for the subscription.

Case #3: 17 400 USDT

  • If you're a NEW company and you decided to buy an annual subscription for the Triage by HackenProof, then you have to replenish your account - 14 400 USDT (Triage package) plus Deposit to pay hackers (minimum 3000 USDT), therefore the general amount should be at least 17 400.

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