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Manage your bug bounty program
Manage your bug bounty program

This guide describes all the possible stages of your bug bounty program

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You have created a bug bounty program - great!

Now, let’s dive into how to work with it, what statuses it has, and what activities may be required from your side.

Your bug bounty program may have the following statuses:

  • draft (you just enter the required data and save the introduced changes. You are free to move to the next stage whenever you feel appropriate)

  • in review (after you publish the program, our team will verify it and you’ll get the approval. In case you have missed providing important details, our team will instruct you on what info should be added)

  • published (after signing the agreement and paying for the program. Published programs are visible to our community of researchers, in case you have chosen a private bug bounty program)

  • unpublished (the program will become unavailable, white-hat hackers will not see it)

  • archived (in case you don’t need the program you can decide to archive it. All data are saved, you can later return this program to active status)

For example, when clicking on Bug bounty programs on your dashboard, you can see the status of your programs. In this case, the program’s status is published.

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