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Fill out Account Verification information and approve it
Fill out Account Verification information and approve it

How to use ID number and corresponding document to approve personal data

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In this guide, we're going to help you with the verification process at HackenProof Dashboard.

To verify your personal data at HackenProof:

  • navigate to the Account menu

  • then choose the Verification section

  • specify your personal data such as First name, Last name, Address, Phone number, Date Of Birth, Gender, ID number

  • attach the document(s) that approves the specified data

  • and finally, submit the Verification Request with the corresponding button

ID number - is a number of the document, that approves your data. It can be your national passport, ID card, residents permit, driver's license, etc.

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Note! Account verification requests are processed at different times of the day, and the expected response time is no more than 48 hours.

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