This article helps you to regain access to your HackenProof account in case you set up the Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) and lost access to your Google Authenticator.

First of all, please check the 2FA Google guide to be sure you've done everything to fix the common issues with 2-Step Verification. If you checked it and still have the same issue then you can ask the HackenProof team to delete the 2FA from your HackenProof account.

To delete the 2FA from your HackenProof account:

  • navigate to your email account that is used for HackenProof authentication;

  • send a 2FA reset request from your email account to: [email protected] by specifying the deletion reason.

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Note! 2FA deletion requests are processed at different times of the day, and the expected response time is no more than 48 hours.

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